San Diego Restaurant RO

San Diego Restaurant RO: Stages of Purification

Sediment pre-filter, 5-micron polyspun cartridge,
2 1/2” dia. x 20″ long
Carbon block pre-filter, 5-micron,
2 1/2″ dia. x 20″ long
Carbon block pre-filter, 5-micron,
2 1/2″ dia. x 20″ long
Diaphragm pump with high pressure by-pass powered by 24/36 volt DC motor.
Transformer supplied for 110 power
Reverse Osmosis Membranes:
For 150 GPD, 2 encapsulated
75 GPD membranes
For 250 GPD, 3 replaceable
100 GPD membranes
For 350 GPD, 4 replaceable
100 GPD membranes
In-line post filter, 10-micron granular activated
carbon, 2 1/2″ dia., 14″ long
14 gal. steel tank with butyl bladder, 9 gal. water capacity, 3/8” tank ball valve included

Technical data from Pure & Secure, LLC

San Diego Restaurant RO for Drinking Water and Ice Supply

5-Stage System makes up to 350 gallons of fresh water per day.

Up to four high capacity RO membranes are used to provide the required water rate. It is supplied with a 14-gallon pressurized tank which holds 9-gallons of water. Two tanks may be used to increase the reserve to 18-gallons. The RO technology removes an average of 95% of the TDS. To further decrease the TDS, a de-ionizer cartridge can be installed as a post-filter option. The five stages are described in the table below.

A booster pump is provided with the system to produce water pressure of 85 psi to the membranes. To reduce wear on the pump, it is installed after the 3 pre-filters. A pressure switch in the line to the tank will turn on the pump when the tank pressure is 25 psi, and off at 40 psi and is also adjustable. A 0-160
psi pressure gauge indicates the pressure to the inlet of the membrane. The overall duty cycle of the pump is 50%.

The unit can be wall mounted or floor-standing with an optional stand. The stand is made of powder coated steel and bolts to the underside of the bracket.

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Weight: 65 lbs.
Dimensions: 13.5″ W x 7″D x 32″ H
(39″ tall with floor stand)
Tank: 15.75″ dia. x 22.5″H

Conditions of Use
Water Must be microbiologically safe
Temperature, 40 -100 degrees F
pH Range, 3 to 10
Feed pressure, 40 to 100 psig
Maximum TDS, 1500 PPM
Turbidity, less than 1.0 NTU

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